Artist Statement

My art is often based upon places that I have visited over the years and have never forgotten. Often a painting is the result of a compilation of memories melded together. Nature provides an abundant source of inspiration. 

I love the versatility of watercolor. A painting can be light and translucent, dark and shadowed, or a combination of the two. One can create a gentle and peaceful scene using soft washes or go bold with colors and hard brushstrokes. Creating the proper mood for the painting helps to make it complete.

My style of painting is not cast in stone and often varies with the subject at hand. Sometimes more detail is required and other times call for a more Impressionistic approach. I don’t usually determine this in advance, it just happens once the brush hits the paper. Making use of my mind’s-eye helps me to visualize obscure details or add elements of my own.

Through my paintings I’m able to share my love of nature with others. If I’m able to convey at least some element of nature’s beauty in a painting I consider that work a success.